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Have you got a year 5 group showing worrying data as they go into year 6? Are you up for a simple challenge that can make a huge difference to their literacy work, especially creative writing?

I am looking for a school to work with me during the next academic year to research the impact 100 Word Challenge has on writing and motivation. We know it works and is having a huge impact but I want to put together some data to prove it!

If chosen, you will need to provide a class moving into Year 6 in September that data is showing they need a little something extra to move their standards in writing forwards. You will need to have a class blog and commitment to join a weekly writing project that takes a small amount of time.

100 Word Challenge is showing that by linking writing with simple  blogging and providing an audience through comments, the pupils have a purpose for their work. They not only want to write and do it better because of the comments but it has an impact on their motivation across the curriculum.

I can provide a free class blog and full support which can be training staff, working with the class and possible extension across the school if that is desired.

If you are interested in further details please email me at [email protected]


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The 100 Word Challenge is exploding! There have been on average 1300 entries each week producing over 30,000 since September. That means over 216,000 interactions with class blogs!

Check some of them out at

The key to the success lies in the comments left by Team 100. Comments extend the audience for our young writers. They are so motivated by people they do not know taking time to read their work then comment. Teachers report HUGE improvement in writing progress and motivation.

To achieve my aspiration of 3 /4 comments on each post I need a team of commentators of around 600. I have only 145! This means that many posts will not get one comment.


 It only takes an hour to read the maximum of 10 posts you are given as a member of Team 100. There are simple guidelines for you to follow and apart from giving you an experience of reading some wonderful writing, you can feel great at giving something back. These young writers are really making progress and you can be part of it.

 You don’t have to be a teacher or an IT whizz– just someone who has an hour and wants to help.

Please, please, please get in touch asap.

Leave your details in the comments below, fill out a contact form or tweet me @theheadsoffice.

You really will make a difference!

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Learning Links

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Here are all the links mentioned at  the recent meetings of teachers

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Learning Through a Lens

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I don’t often get the chance to advocate for great classroom resources let alone the work of friends but when Jane Hewitt kindly gave me permission to use her ‘Boots’ photographer for a prompt on 100 word Challenge, I was happy to do both.

This is her first foray into the world of publishing and what a gem it is!

 Learning Through a Lens

I was asked to do a review of this book by Crown House Publishing and when they sent me my own copy as a thank you and because many teachers may not think of the potential of using photography with pupils, I want to share it with you.

The book is presented in an organised way, usefully colour coded with basics that include camera settings, the legality of using images and creative ideas outside the classroom at the beginning, followed by a wonderful array of projects that can be undertaken in any educational setting. These learning opportunities cover a wide variety of curriculum areas and stress that you do not have to be a professional photographer to get wonderful results with your class.

Jane talks about Visual Literacy’ and highlights the many apps that are now available for all our hand held devices, many of them owned by pupils. This means exploring a theme such as Street Art is within the reach of most teachers.

My friendship with Jane developed through us both taking part in a Photo A Day challenge when we posted 365 pictures, one for each day. During that year, Jane introduced me to Little People. They are tiny models made originally for use in model railways but my goodness what stories you can tell by using them with everyday objects!

 Learning Through a Lens

 Learning Through a Lens

You can see how these shots can make great story starters or more in depth work on creating ‘miniature worlds’ (p.144)

There is so much in these pages that a short post like this cannot do it justice. As I said in my original review, I felt there was enough for two books! It really is a resource that every class should have because it is not time or talent restricted. Giving learners an understanding of  what can be seen through the lens will certainly open up their imaginations and give them a wonderful window on their world.

Copies are available via Amazon here ‘Learning Through the Lens’

 Learning Through a Lens



Whisking up the gravy!

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This time last week I was in Manchester getting ready for Modern Governor’s #GovernorLive event. It was a chance for governors to get together, hear some great keynote talks and share experiences.

I had been given a space in the Governor Hub area to put up a display about 100 Word Challenge to encourage governors to join Team 100 (do read this post to find out how beneficial it could be to your governance work). Whilst I was there I was given this bag and told it was a gift from Clerk to Governors, Shena Lewington.

 Whisking up the gravy!
Intrigued, I opened it to find these items inside! Now, although we are great buddies on Twitter, I have never met Shena in real life so you may wonder what on earth she was doing, giving me these items. No, it wasn’t to help with Shrove Tuesday.
 Whisking up the gravy!

They actually refer to two brilliant posts she has written which are fabulous offering simple but very effective processes for governors.


This post offers questions governors can ask themselves without getting bogged down in long self evaluation forms


This post is aimed at governors of schools in categories of RI or special Measures. Again it is in check list form which cuts lots of reading and focuses on the actions needed.

Shena’s website and twitter presence is invaluable to governors and school leaders. Her simple writing style (including her poetry!) helps to cut through much of the jargon that impedes work in school. Do go and visit. In the meantime, THANK YOU Shena for making me smile.

Now, where are those eggs?