What makes a good leader – revisited

After the emotional roller coaster of my DS wedding, I have decided to take a few days off from the blog. I can’t bear the thought of you not finding something to look at though Dear Reader so will post some guest posts from people  that you may have missed!


This excellent article was posted by Pooky Hesmondhalgh from Creative Education on December 8, 2010

An effective leader can motivate, communicate well and plan effectively.  The qualities that make a leader involve creating fresh possibilities and moving a team forward to develop what is needed in their role.
The management of groups or teams within a school or college is very much dependent on the leader of the group.
The qualities which make a successful school team leader include:
The ability to provide clear directions by:
• establishing goals and standards
• communicating group goals
• involving people in target-setting
• delegating tasks with clarity
The encouragement of open, two-way communication by:
• being open and straight-forward when dealing with people
• being honest, direct and to-the-point
• establishing a climate of openness and trust
Willingness to coach and support people by:
• being supportive and helpful
• being constructive when dealing with poor performance
• supporting the aspirations of colleagues on the team
Recognition of objectives by:
• recognising and appreciating good performance
• acknowledging good performance and contributions publicly
The ability to establish on-going controls in order to:
• follow up important issues and actions
• give the team feedback on their performance
• encourage innovation and new ideas
• give clear-cut decisions when necessary
• demonstrate high levels of personal integrity
Do you agree with the qualities listed above?
What’s missing?
What makes a GREAT leader rather than a good one?

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