Resolutions or job description?

As we know, this is the time of year for resolutions. I’ve read quite a few blogs that say their owners do not make resolutions only to then list out what they intend to achieve this year!
I did read the following though which was a New Year list with a difference. It did not concentrate on hopes for the blog or the writer’s greater aspirations but on their role as a teacher. 
1. To teach well.
2. Even if every other teacher wants to slack off and doesn’t care about students, I will teach well.
3. To know the answers to student questions.
4. To be confident in my teaching, even if I’m wrong.
5. When I’m wrong, to let my students know and provide them with the correction.
6. To read at least one peer reviewed scholarly education article per month.
7. To blog as part of my own professional development.
8. To read blogs and add my voice to the discussions going on in the cyber world.
9. To laugh at myself and laugh with my students.
10. To serve the poor performing students.
11. To serve the middle performing students.
12. To serve the high performing students.
It was written by Technology in Class and the post can be found here.
Do you agree with this list? Have they missed out something that you would resolve to do? As a teacher, should you resolve to do what amounts to be your job?

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