100 Word Challenge – week #2

Goodness me! We had 60 amazing entries for our first week of the 100 Word Challenge! There were lots of ghosts and scary monsters! Special thanks must go to 5D Avenue Junior School who really gave it a go with most of them putting in a piece! Do go and visit their blog. It is great fun.
The 100 Word Challenge is for anyone under 16. You have to write a post using the prompt and only 100 more words!You post it on your class blog as usual and when it has been moderated, you can then link it here using the linky below. You can link until the following Thursday.  You can put a title and the URL for the post not the blog! If you’re not sure ask your teacher. If you don’t have a class blog, you can link straight here!
You can come back at any time and click on the other entries and leave comments.
Just to remind you that this challenge is about CREATIVE writing. When you are thinking about your piece really think about the words you are using. You only have 100 after all! If you want to see some examples have a look at Week 1.
Now just to go over the rules again.

  1. You MUST use the prompt in your piece. Try to make it part of the story.
  2. You can only use 100 more words
  3. Your entry must be linked here using the linky (ask your teacher about it if you have not used one before)

This is an extra rule:

  1. Please try to read at least three other entries. Just click the link, read and leave a comment. Go to a different school then you can see what other people are doing with their writing.

This week’s prompt is: The crystal water was so clear you could see the bottom of…..
Remember – it is about creative writing!

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