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If you are a visitor to my other blog ‘What Will Julia Do Next you will have seen a post about The Co-operative
Now I don’t normally post articles in support of particular sponsors here but this is a little different! The Co-operative has just launched a new campaign which is aimed at changing our views of the work it does. Don’t get me wrong, they are still going to sell food & groceries & follow the traditions & values set out by the Rochadale pioneers in 1844. The campaign is advertising the work that is done to encourage ordinary folk to get involved in local schemes supported by the Co-op.
Two that have a specific education bias are:

A sustainable, co-operative school inspiring young people
The Co-operative’s Green Schools initiative is the most wide-ranging sustainability programme in UK schools. From helping to organize walking buses, to providing visits to green energy sites, and to farms to see how food is grown, we can engage pupils with a broader spectrum of projects than any other UK business.
One school to benefit from this partnership with The Co-operative was Sir Thomas Boughey High School in Staffordshire. It was one of the first Co-operative Business Colleges in the UK and one of 185 schools we have helped to generate their own green electricity.
We helped the kids to get involved by becoming young co-operators, and funded a roof-mounted solar panel system. As a major sponsor, we also support the school, staff, parents and pupils, in all areas of the curriculum.

A film academy helping hundreds of young people kick-start their career in film
The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy is the UK’s only co-operatively-run film academy. It gives 14-25 year olds from all backgrounds the opportunity to gain skills, confidence and hands-on experience at Summer Camps where they work with industry professionals on feature-length films. It also provides a variety of year-round educational opportunities.
For John Montegrande the BYFA provided a much-needed opportunity to overcome personal problems and realise his dream of a career in film.
Starting in a junior role, John worked his way up to become Head of Acting in 2008. Along the way he developed invaluable life skills, as well as greater technical expertise. He is now studying acting, developing personal theatre projects and is even co-founder of a production company.

The thrust of the campaign is to encourage people to get involved, to ‘Join the Revolution’
You can make a start by signing up to their Face Book page which will have all the information you need to explore the opportunities for your schools.

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