Resource Centre – Week #11

Welcome to the NEW BIGGER Resource Centre!

Over the past weeks we have had some excellent links posted to support teachers in their classrooms. We are now looking to extend this to welcome parents who do lots of activities with their children. You will not only inspire teachers that have a classroom full of children, but by simplifying crafts, you are making it easier for non crafty parents to have a go
What is needed is for the ideas / crafts to be posted on your blogs then linked here. As this resource is primarily aimed at classroom teachers, the activities should be able to be completed with 20+ children and a couple of adults. Teachers across the full age range will be visiting so feel free to include activities from nursery up to 16!

Teachers please note that some of the activities will need slight adaptations but they are all do-able in class!

This is a weekly space where parents and teachers can share ideas and support each other in children’s learning! So… let’s get linking!

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