Resource Centre – Week #14

Last week really reminded me why I love the Spring – so many wonderful ideas to share the season with the children. Thank you all for your links. We had some wonderful lanterns from Melissa at the Chocolate Muffin Tree, some  felt egg cosies from Maggy at Red Ted Art and Charlene over at Adventures in MommyLand showed us some great cards that could be adapted for all sorts of occasions.
This week we are still a bit muddled with some schools being on holiday and others not although everyone will have the long week-end for Easter so please don’t worry if you do not get too many visitors. For teachers, please comment on any posts you visit and let them know how the activity went in your class.
The Resource Centre is a space for teachers and parents to share their great ideas so that the children really get the most out of school.
This week will see a Royal Wedding that schools will be celebrating plus a further Bank Holiday which will mean some classes will have some time to explore more craft activities. So…let’s get linking!

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