100 Word Challenge – Week #8

These balloons are for everyone who entered 100 Word Challenge Week 7! You are all being given a balloon for giving up some of your holiday time to write a piece and as usual they were great! I’m not going to showcase any because they were all worthy ‘winners’ so help yourself to a balloon!

This week is still a little muddled with the royal Wedding and another Bank holiday but hopefully most of you will be able to enter. For new visitors, the 100 Word Challenge is  for young people below the age of 16. You are given a prompt which must be in your creative piece plus another 100 words. You either link it straight here or publish on your class blog to be moderated then link here.

This weeks prompt: – ‘The teacher opened the book and read ‘Once upon a time …..’

Remember this is a creative piece of writing. You MUST use the prompt as it is but it can be anywhere in your writing. When you have linked please visit other entries and leave your comments. 100 Word Challenge is all about sharing your work!

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