She Likes It Here!

I love it when people stop by the blog and leave comments. I love to know that things that go on here are interesting to folks and they feel happy to tweet about them.
As you may know I have another space on the blogosphere – ‘What Will Julia Do Next?’. The readership is primarily parents and SAHM (Stay At Home Mums). Last year there was a conference organised just for this group of bloggers – Cybermummy. As the name implies it was focused on that audience with sponsors who wanted to connect with the market of the young family. That did not include me so I didn’t attend.
This year, the programme looked broader and I felt as a blogger I would benefit from attending. Unfortunately, the whole package of tickets, travel and accommodation was too steep. however, I decided to follower other bloggers and see if there was anyone who would sponsor me to attend. To be honest I didn’t expect to get anyone as neither blog fits into the dreadful term that is used of ‘Mummy blog’ category.
However, the 100 Word Challenge has a champion and she has come forward and bought my ticket! I was so overwhelmed that it was this special section of this blog that she liked. She is an ardent spokes woman for children, education and really all things that are important. I do recommend you visit her blog.
Oh, who is she? She’s…………………..

Her name is Melinda and I say a big thank you to her because ‘She Likes It Here!’

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