Resource Centre – Week #17

Yet again we had a variety of ideas shared last week. Among them we had music from Maria at Fab Mums ,   Anna Ranson at Imagination Tree gave us a selection of books with matching activities and Jacqui Murray linked with some great maths web sites
This week, I’m hoping to encourage more teachers to link with their ideas many of which will be able to be used by parents with their children at home. For those who are not teachers, there is a great way for teachers to get some informal training and support. The Teach Meet  movement is really gaining lots of supporters. A TM is like is says on the tin, groups of teachers meeting together sharing ideas. Often they are ICT based but gradually other subjects and topics are being shared. I have attended some of these and they are fast moving and very energetic. You come away with some great ideas so I am hoping to encourage those who attend TM to link some of the activities. Fingers crossed!
In the meantime, as usual, if you visit a site, please leave a comment to let them know you were there and any suggestions for tweaking ideas is always gratefully received.

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