Special 100 Word Challenge – Pass It On!

I’m sure that, at some time, you have all been poorly and needed to go to the doctors. Usually they can give you some medicine to make you better really quickly. What you might not know is that there is some medicine that you can be given to STOP you getting ill in the first place. This is given to young babies in the form of an injection which is called a vaccination. I’m sure you won’t remember having it when you were tiny but it is something that almost every child in this country has.
That means that some very dangerous diseases, which can make you very ill (and sometimes worse than that) are no longer a threat to us. We are so lucky to live in a country where medicine and doctors are there ready to help us when we get sick.
This does not happen everywhere though. There are about 8 million children across the world in places like Africa and India who die from these diseases because they do not have the vaccines. Save the Children is an organization which is determined to change this. They want the world to know that this happening and they want people to donate money to pay for vaccines and transportation. They are sending some bloggers out to Mozambique to follow Mr Vaccine on his journey from London all the way to children living in remote villages away from medical help. They will be blogging and vlogging to tell the story to the world.
One thing that is really important is that the vaccine must be kept cold and Africa is a hot country! The pictures here will show you how clever people are in making sure the precious life saving liquid is kept safe to use. You can also see some of the children getting their injections and although they cry when they have them, it doesn’t hurt for very long and means they are safe from disease.

On June 13th David Cameron, the Prime Minster  is holding a meeting with world leaders to persuade them to help in this campaign. There is also a petition you can sign if you go here. So this week’s 100 Word Challenge is to take action to help all those children who are at risk of dying if we do not help them.
For this week’s prompt  you have a choice!

  1. To write a letter starting … Dear World…. which will try to persuade world leaders and ordinary people to do something for the campaign
  2. To write a letter starting …Dear Friend …. Which will go to one of the children we are trying to help.

This is still a creative piece of writing so do think about the words you use and you still only have 100 words! Some of you are not keeping to that number. It takes careful thought to only use 100 words!
As usual, post them on your class blog and then link here. As it is half term holidays the link will remain open until Thursday 9th June

I am hoping that David Cameron will know about your posts and may read some of them so let’s make them really special!!

Images with kind permission from Save the Children
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