Day 2 Maputo -#Pass It On Combo

Welcome to the second day to following the adventures of Mr Vaccine and the three bloggers who are in Mozambique looking at the work of Save the Children to raise awareness across the world for the need to get all children vaccinated against childhood diseases. Do make sure you have signed the petition to get world leaders to pledge support for this campaign. Sign here
The first contribution is a vlog from Lindsay where she describes the journey to get to Maputo in Mozambique where the bloggers are going to see all the vaccines. You can see it here
Chris has written about her arrival and what she saw and how she felt. Read it here
Lindsay’s second vlog takes you inside the warehouse so that you can see the vaccine being packed. Remember the picture on this post? Have a look at the vlog here
Chris also vlogged about the cold storage of the vaccines and also the children she saw on the way there. They were smiling and having fun just like you! Watch it here!
Do come back tomorrow when we see how the cold vaccine is transported in the heat of Africa! If you missed Day 1 it can be seen here!

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