100 Word Challenge – Week #12

Well it’s back to normal after the amazing ‘!00 Word Challenge Special’ for the ‘#Pass It On’ campaign.
As usual, I have showcased some from Week #11 ( which seems a long time ago!() Do pop along & read them

******************** WEEK #!! SHOWCASE ********************

William from St Johns

Jessica from Yr 6 Galley Hill

Ally from Cut Knife High


Now for this week. The prompt is this wonderful picture that was taken on one of my holidays. Some of you may recognise the sort of thing it is. I want you to look carefully at it and then imagine a story about it. Please remeber and keep to the following rules:

1. You have 100 words ONLY to produce a piece of writing

2. This challenge is about CREATIVE writing so please think carefully about the words you are using

3. When you have posted go and read some other entries and leave a positive comment

For new visitors, the 100Word Challenge is a weekly writing event that encourages pupil under the age of 16 to show their creative writing skill in just 100 words. Entries should be posted on a class blog then linked below. The link will close at midnight Thursday 16th June. Please try to visit other blogs to help share the brilliant work that is produced.

Let’s get thinking and writing!

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