100 Word Challenge – Week #16

One Hundred Word Challenge
Sadly, this is the last 100 Word Challenge for this school year. Many, many thanks to all the children who participated, all the teachers who linked and all of you who read and commented.
Last week was a five -word prompt of individual words. Many of you were not able to get all the words into your stories! Next year, we’ll have a few more of those so that you have to really think about the words you choose! The last showcase for this year:

*****************WEEK#15 SHOWCASE *****************

India from Braishfield

Kamille from Galley Hill Yr.5

Frankie from St Andrews Yr.4

Megan from St Johns Yr.4


For the last Challenge the prompt is …Next year will be different because….
Make sure that as it is the last one of the year that you check all those clerical things like spelling and punctuation. Make it really creative by choosing some really good descriptive vocabulary. Don’t forget to visit other entries and leave comments so that we can all improve.

Have a wonderful holiday all of you and I hope to see you in September for some more great writing!

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