100 Word Challenge – WINNERS!

Well, we have come to the end of the 100 Word Challenge for this year. It has been a HUGE success! There were over 1350 entries, over 20 schools participating across the 16 weeks and they were from 4 different countries. I know that many schools had comments from lots of countries around the world so the 100WC has spread across the globe!
Looking at the different prompts, there does not seem to be a type that is more popular. The pictures suited some writers whilst the text suited others. We had all sorts of entries over the weeks and I know a full range of abilities.
Thank you all for your support over the Challenge and a special Thank You to all the teachers who moderated and posted entries. Without you we could not have had our weekly challenge!Thank you all especially for your contribution to the Save the Children ‘Pass It On’ week. We certainly made a difference to people’s awareness of the campaign.
Now, it is time to say goodbye for the summer. For some of our writers, they are moving on to Secondary school and may not have the chance to take part again. I wish you all every success at your new schools and know that if you keep up with your creative writing, you will really really soar! For those who are staying in the same place, you have new teachers and new things to experience. I do hope you will all come back in September when the 100 Word Challenge will be waiting again.
Finally, I have the prize winners to announce. A BIG thank you goes to Rising Stars for providing us with such a super set of prizes to celebrate the end of this year!You are all winners in my book but the prize is 3 sets of books for a school.As there have been so many wonderful entries from so many schools since the Challenge started, the prize winners were chosen by the number of entries from each school over the 16 weeks.

3rd place (winning 1 complete set of Young Heroes fiction series worth £50) is

St John the Baptist C of E  Primary in Waltham Chase near Southampton

2nd place ( winning 1 complete set of Snapshots Non fiction reading series  worth £70) is

Werrington Primary in Peterborough

But our winners, picking up the prize of 1 complete set of Magic Mates and Mystery Mob (36 books worth over £140) are *drum roll*

Galley Hill Primary School in Hemel Hempstead

Many, many congratulations and I hope you enjoy reading your books!
Have a wonderful holiday and see you all in September for some more 100 Word Challenges!

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