My Year!

I am really looking forward to my school holidays!
Now that is not a surprising thing for someone connected with education to say at this time of the year BUT….this September will be my third since leaving Headship so you would think that I would have got this retirement lark sorted!School's Out
Reviewing this year I can honestly say I have been as busy as many a year when I was teaching. The things that have taken my time have included:

  • Being Chair of a Management Committee for a Pupil Referral Unit
  • Joining the Governing Body of a school in Special Measures
  • Blogging with many children via their class blogs, commenting on their work
  • Supporting colleagues via Twitter with application forms and references
  • Attending conferences covering a variety of educational matters
  • Joining the LA admissions team to try to allocate infant places
  • Endeavouring to set up an online resource for Governors
  • Trying to write for a couple of blogs and post daily pictures!

Oh and there was a little thing called ‘The 100 Word Challenge’!
Looking back it has been brilliant. I’ve kept busy and had enough ‘adrenalin rushing’ moments to remind me what it feels like to meet a challenge. I was afraid of having no purpose or focus once I retired and certainly those of you who are regulars here or over at ‘Julia’s Place’ will know that the first 6 months were hell.
Now though, life has a rhythm, a routine. I have my ‘Summer Holiday To-Do’ list just as I did when I was working. Now that’s the strange thing – it may not be paid but I feel that I have my work so like many teachers enjoy my Friday evenings and of course the holidays.
Perhaps over the holiday, I can start to look forward to my retirement. You know – reading, walking, gardening, LUNCH.
That is of course if I have time!
What would a review of your ‘school’ year look like? Was it a busy one?

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