100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#4

The quality of writing in the entries last week was really excellent. Once again we had all sorts of takes on the prompt of …their cries were heard…I had expected sorrowful entries but some writers popped their tongues well into their cheeks! There were several with a ‘school’ theme. Do go and read them if you haven’t caught up yet. Week#3
Now to this week’s challenge. I read lots of blogs covering many topics. Jacqui Murray has two spaces. One is devoted to what she calls ‘geeky technical stuff’. The other is her writing space where she shares her ideas as well as hints for budding writers.
She recently posted ‘103 Most Beautiful Words’ which apparently was a list from the Twitteratii of wonderful words. Do have a look at the full list. There are some amazing words there although I’m not sure I have seen many of them in my twitter stream!
For this week’s challenge I have chosen 5 from the list. You have an additional 100 words to create a piece of writing to share.
The words are: Ripple  Brood  Evocative  Lilt  Untoward
You can use them in any order. To make it easy to spot them can you highlight /bold the words when you use them. As usual, please link back here and do visit each others. From last week’s comments a summer project has been changed for one writer so they are very important.
For any new visitors, the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is a weekly creative writing challenge where you are given a prompt and can use up to 100 words to complete a creative piece. You link to this blog using the linky below and sit back and wait for the comments. We are always constructive – promise!

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