100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #7

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This is a weekly challenge that tries to help budding writers by providing a prompt and allowing 100 words to create a piece of writing. It came from the children’s version that is run during term time called ‘the 100 Word Challenge’. This one is for ‘Grown Ups’! You write your post, pop it on your blog then link the URL of the post using the linky below. Please make sure you leave a link to this blog. That way folks will be able to read all entries. (You could use the badge code which you will find on the tab at the top of the page) Once you’ve linked, take the time to read the other entries. It has proved to be one excellent way of improving writing!
The prompt for last week was very simple but my goodness there were some complex, fantastic entries posted. Many of them were on the darker side and some brought tears to many who visited them. Jo over at ‘Meet Jo Smith’ is hoping for a lighter prompt this week as she has written pieces in doldrums with her recent posts. Steve over at ‘Tao Child’ purposely wrote an upbeat entry to try to counter his recent dark side.
You may have caught the news last week that the Concise Oxford English Dictionary is 100 years old. The new edition, the 12th, has had 400 new words added, some that reflect our obsession with the virtual word and technology. Retweeting, texting and cyberbullying are all part of the culture it seems.
For this week’s prompt I thought we could look at the words that have been removed over the years. We have had some wonderful words in the past and I for one am sad of their going.
Anyway, I want you to choose one (or more if you are clever) of those below and either use it as it is or use its definition. For example- the word ‘Parallax’ could be quite difficult to put into a sentence but you could write about the different viewpoints of an object. Does that make sense?
Your words (with their definitions are):
Brabble – paltry, noisy quarrel
Growlery – place to growl, private room, den
Foozle – do clumsily, bungle, make a mess of
The link will be open as usual until midnight on Monday 29th August. Do remember to visit the other entries. Try to remember to do a trawl before the link closes as those at the end often miss out on comments!
So, off you go and I know I won’t be getting any ‘Piffle’!

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