Class Blogs, 100 WC and the New Year

The summer holidays are nearly over for most schools and the new school year will soon start ( if it hasn’t already!)
This is a note to those of you who would like me to follow your class blog. If I followed you last year can you make sure you send me the new link. If you are new to blogging with your class, can you organise an email subscription for the blog, send me the link and I’ll sign up and comment when I can.
The 100 Word Challenge (for children under 16) will start on

7th September

I will tweet out the link during the evening and the link will be open until the following Wednesday evening at midnight when I will send the next prompt.
For those who have not heard of the 100 Word Challenge, it is a weekly creative writing challenge where the children are given a prompt of either a few words or a picture. They then write a creative piece using an additional 100 words. This piece is then posted on your class blog and linked here. The children are encouraged to comment on each other’s work to improve their writing.Over the 16 weeks it ran last year, it proved to be very instrumental in improving some of the writing skills of the children.
If you would like me to comment on your class blog or take part in the 100WC do let me know either via the comments below / via a DM on Twitter (@theheadsoffice) / or leave a comment on Face book HERE
Last year was great fun linking with you all and sharing the wonderful learning that goes on in classrooms every day. Looking forward to some more adventures!

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