100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#9

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The prompt last week was a simple one (I thought) and I did expect most folks to go down the line of getting up for school / work after the holidays. However….when have I ever got it right when it comes to creative writing. As usual the variety of themes was brilliant. If you didn’t get the chance to read them all they are HERE
Having read all the entries over the past 8 weeks I can see that you are really ready for a different challenge and I’ve never been one not to please! This week’s challenge is not so much about the prompt as the genre. I would like you to choose a genre to write in. It can be anything you like – sci-fi, horror, romance, non-fiction etc. Try to include the standard elements for the genre. Don’t worry if you are not sure, just Go For It!
The prompt is :…..Mary thought….
I’ve kept it simple so that you can do all sorts with it. If you are completely phased by this don’t worry, just write! For new visitors, you have 100 additional words to add to the prompt to creative a piece to share. The sharing is the important part. Do make sure you visit everyone if possible. Those who post later in the week don’t always get the constructive comments that can make such a difference to improving writing. Once your piece is written, link it below. The link is open until Midnight 12th September. If you don’t have a blog or are unsure what to do leave me a comment below and I’ll sort it out for you!
Do spread the word among your readers. The more entries we have the bigger the pool of ideas and inspiration!

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