Meet the Teacher with a Difference!

Now that the term is well under way, some schools are arranging a ‘Meet The Teacher’ opportunites. Sometimes these are held  before the new term starts but this canbe a bit confusing all round with folks not knowing where they are going.
Holding them once things are under way helps to make parents a little more relaxed. They will know the names of some staff and will have been told something (although possibly only a little!) of what school is like from their youngster.  It can also replace that first  ‘Parents Evening’ where things can be quite tense with both sides wondering how much information to give or ask for.
In this article, Karen experiences an open evening with a difference! Personally, I think it has potential to really get parents to understand what happens to their children when they cross that threshold into school!

…..Anyway, after catching up and exchanging numbers, we realised we were both late for our next “class” and didn’t have a clue where we were going. We ran off in different directions and a few minutes later, I was in the teen’s next class … Spanish, where I hid in my seat apparently just like my teen does.
The next class was history. I loved history at school and made sure to sit up front and center just in case I was called on. Only I found it was a class about the civil war and had no clue what any of the generals or important folk of that war looked like. They all looked like Abraham Lincoln to me. On the upside, at least I got one picture right.

Read the whole article here Back to school … « If I Could Escape.

Could you see such an event taking off in your school? If you’re a parent, how would you feel about this sort of experience?

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