New parents need help too!

I had never given it a thought that the parents of children starting school were actually new themselves. I know we always held an open evening and sent out news before the children started but once they were in school, I assumed that they would pick it up. I suppose I was relying on osmosis! This post from Julie over at ‘Kailexness’ made me feel very guilty! How do schools cater for all those routines and expectations that they want parents to take part in if they have not explained what they have to do?

I am once again a ‘new Mum’. I have been a Mum for 5 years and it’s all a bit of a scary learning curvy thingy to be honest. This latest mountainous step I face is the ‘interactive helpful’ bit…

So far I’m not much help at all, I can’t do the stop and drop scheme outside school in the mornings or the wellie walks because I have a little man to deal with too… That’s okay, I’ve mentally made a note for doing both next year as long as the Little Man gets the same school.

Slowly, I’m mastering the intricacies of ‘the book bag’ it involves various books and notes, my email is getting hit with a fair few emails telling me what to do and how things work. I attended a learning to read night and am now aware of the arm waving, sounding, acting out ways of phonics (although it’s no less frightening).

Read the rest of the article here via Being a Mum is Challenging in so many ways

Learning via someone on the school gate is fair enough but will they ‘teach’ new parents properly? Is that like leaving some vital tuition to siblings rather than have the teacher go through it? As an adult it must be really difficult to find that you have ‘done it wrong’.

Could this explain the reason some parents do not get involved in their child’s life? Should schools help ‘new’ parents as well as new children? Comments please!

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