100 Word Challenge – Week #8

100 Word Challenge
Thank you so much to all those of you who gave up some of your holiday time to share your work last week. It was quite a tricky one wasn’t it. For information, it was a picture of part of a sculpture called ‘The Fast Supper’ which was part of an exhibition called ‘Crucible’. You might like to look it up!
The showcase this week is for all of you who enteredbut I would also like you to have a look at these as well!

**********WEEK #  SHOWCASE **********

Mollie from Brunswick House

Henry from High Lawn

Sharon from Ferry Lane


For this week, we are going to combine two events that are coming up – Firework Night and Remembrance Day. These are occasions when we stop and think about the past – either a long time ago with Guy Fawkes or more recently with all those who have died in wars.

The prompt this week is the colour RED. It might be the colour of poppies, or fireworks or the blood of soldiers who have died. You choose. As usual you only have 100 words to use in your creative writing. Keep reading through your work carefully before you post. I can see that some of you are really improving your writing by doing this.

Link the URL of the post to the link below. It will be open until midnight on Tuesday 8th November. Make sure you go and visit some other entries and leave a constructive comment to help improve the writing.

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