100 Word Challenge – Week#12


Some pieces are not being linked correctly so they are not getting any comments. The URL that you link must be the POST not the blog! If you are not sure please tweet me or leave a comment below!
Lots of you really enjoy the 5 word prompts and I know from Team 100WC that there were lots of different topics and themes. Well done everyone! Here is this week’s showcase:-

**********WEEK#11 SHOWCASE **********

Ellie from Staining

Heena & Simrah from Breckon Hill

Anthony from Alton


This week’s prompt is a picture. Really think about your piece. Writing a plan before hand may help get your ideas into a good order. Don’t forget, you can only use 100 words!

The link will close on 6th Dec.
If you are new to 100 Word Challenge, you write a creative piece based on this picture, post it on your class blog then you or your teacher links it below. Make sure you visit other entries and leave some constructive comments so that we help improve writing!

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