100 Word Challenge – Week#13

100 Word Challenge
I was delighted with the variety of story-lines people took last week for the photograph of the shadows. If you haven’t had time to read them you will find them HERE. I decided to make the Showcase bigger this week so that more of your great pieces could be shared!

********** WEEK#12 SHOWCASE **********

Reiss from St Thomas More

Jenny Yr.3 from the Deans

Phoebe from SJB Teaching

Charlotte from Brunswick House

Annalise from High Lawn



Next week’s Challenge will go up on TUESDAY 13th December and close on 3rd JANUARY so there will be plenty of time for you all to enter over the holidays!


Now for this week’s prompt. It is very seasonal but I want you to really be creative! I don’t qwant a list of everything. Pick one or two unusual items and really explore why you might chose them. The prompt is:

…All I want for Christmas is…

If you are new to the 100 Word Challenge please read HERE for more information and directions on how to link.

This link will stay open until midnight on 13th December. Don’t forget to visit other entries. By sharing and commenting we can help make the writing even better!

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