Sit Down! You're here to Learn!

Good behaviour is sitting still, doing what you’re told, speaking when you’re spoken to and generally following instructions.

This statement is definitely a tongue-in-cheek one from David Didau in his post ‘What is Good Behaviour?’ where he admits to not being good at following a recipe because his need to question the directions often gets in the way. He explores the concept of ‘learning behaviours’ rather than just good behaviour.
As a Chair of Governors in both a special school for students with behavioural difficulties and a pupil referral unit, the recent inspections that both establishments had produced comments from the inspectors that risks need to be taken. By this they meant not concentrating on keeping the youngsters in their seats but allowing the creativity to take them where it will with open questions and the freedom to investigate the topic.
As I teacher, I was always concerned when being observed that if bottoms were not on seats and the volume of noise was not on quiet then the marks would be low! Behaviour management judgements seemed to be around a physically controlled classroom rather than one where learning was taking place.
However, if it is an environment where learning is encouraged, it is likely to look very different!
Can ‘good’ behaviour get in the way of learning? Are you a bit of a control freak and worry about behaviour especially if someone is watching you?

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