Introducing – the 'Daily Dip'!

Class blogging is spreading!
The availability of a world-wide audience has encouraged teachers in all phases of education to set up a blog and post different aspects of the work done by the pupils. Some have tempted youngsters to post whilst at home giving ‘homework’ a different meaning to that I knew. As my good friend and colleague, David Mitchell reminded me ‘ There are some great things going on out there and they need to be shared and celebrated’!
So – today I am pleased to launch the ‘Daily Dip’. This is where we will dip into class blogs an select one each day that will be shared here. It will be from Monday to Friday during term time. Hopefully,if we get contributions from schools across the world, we should have something to show most days of the year!
Make sure you are following the Head’s Office blog and on Twitter and on Face Book (see side bar) so that you don’t miss the great posts being shared!

Let’s get dipping!

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