Feedback – #UkEdChat Homework

This title for #ukedchat on Thursday 23rd February is:

‘Is feedback an art or a science and should it be taught?’

As a headteacher I have always had giving feedback as part of my role as have my SLT. My recent post ‘Classroom Observations – tools to destroy?’ elicited quite a few comments, mostly centring on poor experiences of receiving feed back. How should SLT make sure that feedback is constructive even if it is giving messages of poor performance?
However, I would like our discussion this week to look beyond feedback to teachers following formal lesson observations. I want to look at peer observations among staff and the effects that this can have on morale and expertise. Should teachers ‘judge’ each other?
Further exploration can be given to the feedback we give children. Do we understand the purpose of the ‘praise sandwich’ and is it more often than not extrinsic in it’s delivery along with rewards? What about children giving feedback? As part of the 100 Word Challenge, one of the ‘rules’ is to visit other entries and leave constructive comments.
Am I risking children being unpleasant to their peers? Does this put extra pressure on already stretched classroom teachers to teach how to give feedback? When you comment on a blog, are you giving feedback?
Lots of questions here and I hope you will bring more and some answers when you join me on 23rd February at 8pm on Twitter using the hashtag #ukedchat!

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