More Word Challenges!

In case you don't know, there is a great little writing challenge going on over at '100 Word Challenge' . It is having a huge impact on the quality of children's writing and their confidence and motivation to have a go in an area that many struggle with.

It is a very simple concept:

  • A prompt is set
  • Children write a creative piece using the prompt and 100 additional words
  • This is posted on the class blog
  • It is also linked to where a team of volunteers comment on each post

Each week over 400+ entries are posted. Children are encouraged to visit each others posts and leave comments.


Such is its success, that I was approached to set a parallel challenget in the Welsh language. This is gradually taking off so having seen some comments on twitter about MFL courses, I am considering other languages.

The key to the success of such a challenge is to gather a team to comment. It is pointless having youngsters writing if no-one is going to encourage them. Then we need to know there will be young people under 16 who would like to take up the challenge!

If you are reading this, I'm hoping you have some interest in such a project. I would like you to let me know:

A) If you are able to read and write French or Spanish and would be prepared to comment on a few pieces

B) You know of some young linguists who would be interested.


Either leave a comment below or tweet me @theheadsoffice and let's see if we can spread the challenge!

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