Traditions. Whose responsibility?

Easter eggs
It is Good Friday and I have been taken back to my, what feels quite recent but isn’t really, headship days. The trip down memory lane came via a post about hot cross buns! I love them and commented that they are one Easter tradition that I continue at home. That, and a small Easter egg of course.
I was reminded of my displays at school. They were stood on a beautiful oak desk that was outside my office. It always had flowers on it or something appropriate. So there was a Christmas tree and nativity scene in December, lots of books for World Book Day and flowers for the different  seasons.
Easter was a tree.  I had not seen or heard of them before amalgamating with our infant school. They provided lots of hanging items and the twigs came from my garden. I steered away from Easter eggs because I wanted the children to think about the story and what it really means. The final assembly would also tell the story and involve the children.
Some of them found it difficult to understand though. Christmas was easy. We celebrate a birth and that means presents. Easter is about eggs so what has that got to do with someone dying. Now this post is not a theological reflection but it did make me wonder about traditions and where the responsibility lies to keep them fresh.
Should it be down to parents? Which traditions are important for children to know? What about the traditions of other faiths? What about traditions of the community that are not linked to faith? I once worked in a school in a town that held a brilliant carnival each November. As it was held on a Thursday evening, it was ‘tradition’ that most children took the Friday off as it had been a very late night!
What is your approach to traditions and in particular, Easter? Is it possible to get away from the eggs?

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