Message from The Night Zookeeper

Dear Friends,
I’m writing with very exciting news. We have recently launched our new app Night Zookeeper Teleporting Torch for iPad.
Inline image 1
It’s a never-ending activity book of creative missions that is already receiving great reviews.
As it is part of 100 Word Challenge this week, it is available free of charge, just for this week!
We would love it if you could download it and have a play. If you know any parents that you think would like it, please do share it with them.
Here is a video that explains everything:
You may want to check out our new website as well:
Here are a couple of posters with some example games. Can you cool down the Penguin Sheriff? Or imagine what a Monkey Vet looks like?
Missions Penguin Missions Monkey Vet
Thanks so much,
Paul & the Night Zookeeper Team
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