That September feeling

As Michael Tidd in his ‘…And so it begins’ post, there are going to be lots of posts from teachers and educationalists about returning to school in September. ‘Mummy bloggers’ will also put fingers to keys to express concerns on behalf of their children, so the internet will be full of posts about excitement, trepidation and in some cases – fear.
As a retired headteacher, you’d think that I sit back and smile as I read them. Not for me this ‘return to work’ feeling. However, that is not the case. My routine still runs around UK school terms. I have to put in UK because the 100 Word Challenge has many followers across the world and time zones are a darned nuisance for getting some consistency.
Anyway, as I prepare for the new year with my 100wc hat on together with my governor hat, I am still having those thoughts as I did as a headteacher. Perhaps not in the same vein but I am waking in the early morning with that feeling in my stomach that is a mixture of fear and excitement.
So what is it about being a teacher that creates these times? Sunday evenings are similar but not so intense as school was only a couple of days ago not weeks in which ‘life’ had played a part. How many of you reading this were able to completely put the books away, turn your heads off and truly relax? Is there any teacher out there who is completely relaxed about the new term and won’t be going into school next week to ‘get ready’?
What is it about  teaching as a profession that creates this mindset? Have teachers always felt like this after the summer break or is it all down to Ofsted and inspections? Reflecting back to my headship days, I wonder if I sent out vibes that were telling my staff they had to come in during the holidays; they had to have everything perfectly ready. As professionals we would want everything as ready as possible but other professions don’t seem to have this angst and almost wringing of hands time.
So…what is the cause? Perhaps it is to do with the length of the summer break but then that is the subject for another post….!

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