Facing delays on the school trip

Travelling with Students: Facing Delays
Useful post from Kate Burgess over at My Academies
Travelling with students is a great way to get to know them better as young adults, as well as pupils, and can be an excellent way to entice youngsters out of their shells to explore the great outdoors! But as we all know, travelling doesn’t always go without any hiccups, and the current airport staff strikes in Europe have disrupted a huge number of school trips, leaving teachers and students stranded! So here’s our advice on what to do if you face delays or cancellations during your trip:
Choose a spokesperson
In case of delays, up-to-date information and advice can be hard to pin down if everyone is trying to find out details themselves. If suffering, designated one member of staff to act as the spokesperson for the group, and only that person should be relied upon for the latest news. If possible, have your chosen staff member repeatedly speak to the same person from the airline, ferry or bus company in order to ensure you don’t keep being given the same information from a variety of sources, which can be frustrating, and also confusing.
Draw attention
Use a marker of some kind to draw attention to the luggage of your party incase of cancellations or changes of plans that mean your luggage (and that of fellow passengers) will be left for collection by yourselves or other members of your party. A great way to mark your luggage would be to tie ribbons in your school colours around the handle of each student’s bag or suitcase, as this will be instantly recognisable and distinctive enough to describe to a member of transport staff should the need occur.
Don’t phone home
Hear us out! When leaving on a trip with students that involves extensive travel time, take a school mobile phone with you so that parents know they will be able to contact you or their child in case of an emergency. However, if you are facing delays that can be monitored online or via radio, suggest to concerned parents that they track their child’s journey via the official carrier’s website, as that way they will have access to the most up-to-date information available. This will also allay fears that may arise for families if they can’t get through to you on the school phone due to high volumes of calls, as they will be able to find out details themselves without too much worry.
Have you ever been affected by delays or cancellations whilst travelling with pupils? How did you ensure minimal disruption to your journeys?

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