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There are likely to be lots of questions today as students wake up to the news of a 13-year-old suicide. I’ve written some brief guidance to help you to be supportive rather than scared when those questions arise:

How to talk to students about suicide

I’ve also included a range of sources of further support.  Yesterday’s news also featured stories about the rapid rise of eating disorders referrals and the impact of social media.  I wrote a little guidance on that too:
Social Media cited as source of Doubled Eating Disorder Admissions – How to Help
Since I last emailed, I have also written and reviewed a range of other things which may be of interest:
5 Ideas for Raising Teenage Self-EsteemThese are simple ideas that parents or people working with young people can implement.
6 Moments You can Listen to Your Child Each Day – When I run parent workshops, I encourage parents to spend a few minutes each day just listening to their children, but it can be hard to find time regularly.  Here are a few ideas that have worked for other people and can be built into a daily routine.
A New Hand to Hold – a poem about loss and support – This poem was inspired by a boy I met recently who told me about the important role his teacher had had in helping him overcome the loss of his father.  It could be used as a way in for teaching or for one to one sessions with children in a similar situation who are anxious about accepting the support of a new trusted adult.
First Hand Account: How to help someone with an eating disorder
A beautifully written account by 21-year-old author and recovering anorexic Nancy Tucker about how we can help, rather than hinder, the recovery process.
Reviews, Resources and Recommendations

I hope you find some of these resources useful. Please let me know if there are specific topics you’d like to see me write, speak or teach about.  I’m currently rushing headlong into busy conference season, so no doubt I’ll see (or speak at 😉 many of you over the next few weeks.  Please take a moment to say hello.
Very best wishes,
P.S. If you haven’t read my latest book yet, please consider doing so: Self-Harm and Eating Disorders in Schools – a guide to whole school strategies and support (if you quote Y15 when you order, you’ll get a 10% discount).  If you have read it, I’d love to hear what you think.  All constructive criticism welcomed as I get ready to write the next one.
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