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School governors are a huge part of the education decision-making process. However, are you getting access to the information you really need to be able to make the difference you’d like to make, particularly when it comes to technology and digital issues?
Free event
Please join us on Thursday 14th January 2016 at the Friends House in London from 10am where the education IT supplier Stone Group will host a FREE event for school governors by school governors. It will involve a series of debates for you to watch (and even get involved with by asking questions) and the opportunity to network afterwards.
We asked a group of governors what they wanted to learn more about. They have created an event to reflect this and will host a session each….
Session 1 – Influencing the cultivation of a successful school technology strategy
Governor Hosts – Julia Skinner and Ricky Taylor

  • What is the most essential technology in education? How to discover it, source it, and fight for it! (Tech to power the curriculum, tech to aid teaching, tech to support the school, tech to engage stakeholders)
  • Understanding the implications of ICT investment – how to influence the right balance between curriculum led and budget driven purchasing
  • Making an impact as a governor on the process

Session 2 – Understanding the real cyber-threats to schools
Governor Host – John Cowell

  • Are current digital safeguarding measures going to protect your school and its pupils?
  • What are the real threats, how can governance help decrease risk?
  • What can technology, and how we use it do to protect students and staff?

Session 3 – Bringing business to your school’s ICT strategy
Governor Host – Ben Kay

  • How lessons learned from the use of technology private sector could/should help schools in the digital age
  • Can schools learn from business practice, to leverage and apply the best examples to deliver great education in a more efficient way whilst maintaining outstanding quality?
  • It’s not about heavy IT investment, in fact its’ about operating smarter, using digital technology to support schools to act smarter / act faster.

We are in the process of confirming all additional expert speakers for each session but we are pleased to say we already haveMr Hennessy from Channel 4’s Educating Cardiff, Principal Lecturer Miles Berry and Security Expert Jay Abbot on board. More details to follow but we just wanted to gauge your interest first and flag it to you to save it in your diary before we break up before Christmas.
Due to limited availability, please RSVP to Anna Hennessy on [email protected] or 07974 161 137

This is your chance to get the information to really be influential in decision making for buying technology in your school!

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