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I missed last year’s #Nurture14/15 for some reason. I suspect it was because over Christmas last year I was getting myself in a state about my upcoming world trip and just couldn’t focus. That means I haven’t got any hopes for 2015 to review. The wonderful ChocTzar who began this tradition says that we don’t have to stick to the original rules (see her latest #Nurture1516 to see what they were) so I’m going for 5 and 5 in no particular order!
1. Travelling the World
We did this in February to visit my brother in New Zealand. We hadn’t been in the same room for 50 years so it was quite an adventure which took in Singapore, Sydney and San Francisco. It taught me that I can do long haul and has opened the world up for me to visit.
2. 100 Word Challenge
Those of you who follow me in my various social media roles will know that I am the founder of 100 Word Challenge , a weekly writing challenge for students under 16. It has been my passion for the past four years or so and in 2015 it moved to a different site with a different approach and I found it very difficult. My hosts were wonderful but I realised that I had a philosophy about writing which involved me engaging with schools and writers and that needed me to have complete control. Of course it may be an indication of me control freakery but…. Anyway it is moving back to it’s original site from January.
3. ISTE and Philadelphia
More travelling, this time to the USA for the biggest education conference in the world. I was privileged to work with some bloggers sharing 100WC as part of  global blogging presentions. It meant that I was able to meet many of my American supporters which was wonderful.
4. Business blogging
That sounds much grander than it is! I revamped both my blogs (I have another at Julia’s Place – do visit) to try to make them more professional. This blog is designed to help school leaders in their difficult roles and has led to me becoming a regional governance expert for the Ormiston Academies Trust as well as a director for Little Mead Academy Trust. I’m really enjoying my governance work which also includes supporting a mainstream nursery school and children’s centre.
5. Muddles
For all my wonderful adventures especially travelling, this year has felt very muddled. I have found it difficult to make headway with a number of projects I was interested in and I was in a bit of a quandary for much of the year. Hopefully, the new year will straighten some of these out!
1. Re-establish 100WC
Now that I have found out what I really feel about my little project, I’m going to go all out to make it really flourish. Sign up HERE to be part of an exciting year!
2. Visit more schools
Linked with number 1 I want to get back into visiting schools to preach the gospel of 100WC. It is a simple project but complex if you are going to get the full benefit from it. Those teachers who have used it fully have seen amazing results in their pupils writing progress.
3. Be more selective
I love being connected with education and being busy but last year that led me to being stretched too far both in what I had to do and the travelling needed to do it. I need to look at each project that comes along in a more realistic way.
4. Ordinary holidays
After my gad-about year in 2015, I need to get back to keeping nearer to home. This is a wonderful island so I’m ‘staying local’. Having said that I am hoping to visit my 100WC friends in Ireland and hubby needs his French fix too!
5. Time for ME
I need to be a bit more selfish. That doesn’t mean I’m a saint who only thinks of others – far from it! I need to remember that I am a retied lady. I need to be busy and need to be involved with all aspects of education. I have lots of energy and can organise myself reasonably well to get lots done but I must include relaxing tasks as well. Things such as reading, colouring, doing my jig-saws, cooking and walking.
As you can see, I’ll still be busy but hopefully not so stressed.
Thank you for staying with my on this #Nuruture1516 review and I hope you have a very
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