Teachers – do you suffer with AS?

Summer holidays
I suffer from AS – Anti-climax Syndrome.
I’m no good when school finishes. Yes, I’m retired but still do lots of governance work and then there is 100 Word Challenge
Life is so busy. It is a whirlwind at the best of times, but those last few days of the school year are manic. It is the time when the education world decides it needs THAT has to be done NOW even though no-one will look at it before September.
For the past few weeks, I’ve been adding to my ‘Summer holiday list’ which is not specific summer jobs but all the school things I should have done. I’ve always been excited by my holiday jobs lists. They are usually those toilet roll lists – they go on and on and many of them are only fit for throwing away especially if they were time sensitive activities and have missed the date.
I don’t know why I still do this. When I was a headteacher, it was probably a good idea to leave those tasks that needed some thinking until the quiet of holiday time. My problem is that, once I’m on holiday, my list becomes horizontal and I don’t know where to start. This leads to further delay so by the end of the break, there is a good chance I won’t have done as much as I’d hoped.
So, school holidays have begun and I feel quite depressed. I haven’t any meetings to go to which would get in the way of me actually doing some of the things on this blasted list. But something else has got me down.

The adverts for school uniforms!

In the UK, we now have 6 weeks of no school. In September when schools go back, children will move up into their next class and many parents see that as an opportunity to replace uniforms that children have outgrown. ‘In the good old days’ shops would start to get their uniforms out towards the end of the holidays. This has always made me feel low as it means the holiday is nearly over.

Nowadays, though, the ads appear before school holidays start!

Don’t they realise children grow in 6 weeks and often you have to buy them all over again? Don’t they know people put things away safely and can never find them again?
Perhaps additional sales are the reason they do it.
Parents have told me they like to get that particular purchase out of the way so that they can enjoy the holiday. Shoe buying seems to be particularly stressful, so getting it over with can help. Some have cited the fact that stocks are low by the beginning of September so buying early is essential.
I can understand all these views but I need something to look forward to in the forthcoming weeks.
I’ve always been the same at the end of an emotional experience- going to a wedding, seeing a great film at the cinema, going on holiday. In fact, rather than tell me we were going home, my parents would tell me we were going to Timbuktu. I had no idea where it was but it wasn’t home and I could imagine something nice.

So, do you suffer with Anti-climax syndrome? What do you do to counter it?

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