How to tattoo your laptop with amazing art!

As both a teacher and a head teacher I had to have a good supply of stickers. These were for big as well as small people! We all love a sticker because they show achievement and recognition. That’s why when you give blood there is a selection of stickers for you to wear with pride. They can also easily express what you stand for. Those of you old enough will remember the ‘Ban the Bomb’ badges.
Visual Thinkery
If you haven’t discovered the brilliant work of Bryan Mathers, pop over here and treat yourself to a wallow in some clever artwork that will get you thinking. An explanation:

Visual Thinkery was created out of a need to engage and communicate with others, and to set the words free! We use visual thinking to help people and companies alike to de-fog and articulate their messages, unearthing metaphors that resonate with their audience.

I love Bryan’s work and so was delighted when I discovered that I could purchase some of it in the form of stickers and buttons.
Visual Stickery
Turning artwork into a form that is available to all is the purpose of the Visual Stickery campaign. Well, that and making sure the world is not full of grey identical laptops but bright conversation starter art.
Because the guys behind the campaign are not in it for the money, this is a one-time only crowd sourced project. They need to cover their costs and any surplus will go back into wapisasa CIC ‘which is a collective of freelance designers, developers, educators and strategists who have a shared passion to see young people succeed and thrive in digital sector.’
How to get involved
Being part of this campaign is easy! You can purchase stickers and badges. You can get the whole set as wallpaper for your screen so you will have them ‘inside’ and out. You can tell folks about it using social media and even in conversations! You can even get a session with Bryan himself during which he is bound to be doodling and will be able to send you some drafts of ideas from your conversation.
Why join the campaign?

  • Want to stand out from the crowd?
  • Want to cheer up your device that gives you SO much?
  • Want to be proud of your views and share them?
  • Want to support young designers get a foot on the employment ladder?

All you need to know is HERE

Don’t be guilty of being in possession of a naked laptop!

Visual stickery

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