Want to be 10% braver this year? This is how I’m doing it

How will you be 10% braver this year she asked?
How to be 10% braver
Well, for a start I’m setting it out in a blog that will be published for the world to see. That is pretty brave, isn’t it? After all, those of you who may feel so inclined, can come back & pull me up for not doing it can’t you?
I’m going to be using social media & tweeting about it using pretty powerful hashtags like #womenEd, #Pledgeforchange, #DGMeetWeek. They get attention don’t they so again, being brave.
Finally, I have come to the decision to be 10% braver & that is the most important part. If it isn’t for me then it is a pointless exercise & certainly won’t last beyond a few tweets.
So, what is IT that I’m going to do that needs that extra courage?
The graphic above explains it beautifully but for me, it is even more than taking action against my inner critic. It is to SAY IT OUT LOUD! 
This past year I have been lucky to be connected with many strong women who tell it like it is & take the flack that may come with such views. As you may know from this blog post, I’m more of a suffragist than a suffragette but I am getting braver at raising my head towards the parapet.
My pledge this year is to continue upwards but not with baby steps but bigger strides. I do have a voice & there are people who listen to it. I need to remember that often they agree with me & have been pleased that I have started that conversation.

  • So, I am going to write more & get published even if it is just on social media.
  • I am going to be braver in standing firm when it comes to my governance roles & lead rather than follow.
  • I’m going to embrace those silences when everyone is feeling uncomfortable & pose more questions & keep going until the others around the table engage.
  • I’m going to attend gatherings of like-minded people to build my courage

but most of all I’m going to be here for anyone who wants a hand held or a shoulder smoothed or a virtual hug & a confident voice telling you that you can do it!

Come & join me being 10% braver!

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