31 Days of Kindness

Now that the festivities are over, why not continue to spread the season of happiness & helping others?
Lyra & Ellie are two Year 4 girls, daughters of Pooky & Tom Hesmondhalgh who have decided helping others is a key to happiness. They have a daily 2-minute clip over on Twitter, YouTube & Instagram setting a prompt for you. Here’s a message from Pooky. Do check it out:

31 days of kindness
If you’re looking for a nice challenge for yourself, your colleagues or your class, you might be interested in “31 days of kindness” which my daughters Lyra, Ellie and I have put together.  Each morning at 7am a new video goes live with a kindness prompt.  These are little things that anyone can try.  Please consider joining in – and if you do so, please leave a like or a comment for my daughters; they worked incredibly hard putting these ideas and videos together and are delighted when they get positive feedback. As well as on my YouTube channel, I’m sharing the videos via Instagram and Twitter.


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