How to use technology for pain-free homework time

Use technology for pain-free homework timeKids aren’t the only ones who dread homework time. There are a lot of parents out there who hate it, too. But homework doesn’t need to be a daily struggle in your household. Putting technology to work can help eliminate the stress and frustration of homework time and turn it into a time that you and your child both look forward to (really!). Here are some ways to use technology to keep your child on track and eliminate the nightly homework struggle. 

Start With the Right Technology

Using the right technology for the job is key. Smartphones are great, but the screens are often too small to be useful for homework help. You’ll be better off using a tablet, such as the Apple iPad 10.2. This newest iPad is extremely powerful, with a generous 10-inch crystal-clear display, yet lightweight and versatile so your child can work virtually anywhere.


If the Apple iPad is out of your budget, shop around for other tablet options. There are plenty on the market that may meet your needs at a lower price point. As an example, Amazon’s Fire Tablet offers many of the same capabilities along with streaming video service at a lower price. Think through what your child will use and enjoy, and which device will function as a strong learning tool.

Putting Tech to Work on Homework

Find the Right Apps

App developers know that kids struggle with homework. So, as the saying goes, there is an app for that. Search your tablet’s app store for various homework helpers. There are apps that can help kids brush up on their math skills, clarify concepts in science, or assist them in understanding a story in English.


There are also apps that help them track assignments and ensure they are getting their work done. That can take some of the pressure off of parents, while encouraging your child to take more responsibility for staying on track.


Avoid laying the app selection at your youngster’s feet, though. Search for the specific subject and grade to find apps that target exactly what you need. Download them and try them out for yourself before showing your child how to use them. That way they aren’t overwhelmed (or confused) by all the different options.

Stream Videos for Extra Help

There is a lot of free assistance available to struggling parents and kids online and sometimes it’s helpful for kids to get a fresh take on a tough subject. The way they are learning about it in school may not click with them the way something online can. Search your favorite streaming website for helpful videos, because as Examined Existence points out, there are some good ones!


This is also a great way to expand their knowledge of their favorite subject. For instance, if they love learning about history, search for great history-focused video channels. Then they can take a deep dive into their favorite subject.

Use Technology as a Motivator

My Homework Done recommends creating a reward system to help your youngster with the homework struggle. Chances are your child loves to be on a smartphone or tablet anyway, so why not use the tablet as a motivation for their hard work? Try giving them an hour of free time on the tablet once they’ve completed their homework and you’ve checked it.


Along those same lines, there are some great apps to help manage their access to the device. For instance, Amazon’s Fire tablets allow parents to set screen time and limit access to certain apps at certain times. Apps on the Apple iPad 10.2 will allow you to do similar things. It’s a great way to ensure your kids have access to homework apps when they need them and games when they’re done.

End the Homework Struggle Tonight

Homework doesn’t have to be something that brings stress into your home. Using technology can enhance learning, keep your child focused, and make homework time something to look forward to. Put the tablets your kids already know and love to work and see the transformation it can make in getting those after school projects completed.

Do you have a homework routine that you could share below? Do you think homework should not be set by schools? A different blog post but good to start it here! 

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