Thank you for finding your way to my blog – WELCOME!

I do hope you find the posts interesting and will feel comfortable enough to leave a comment. I’m hoping to encourage a debate among my readers.

This blog really came from a suggestion by my dear friend Paula Battle. It was whilst I was constructing my other blog and she mentioned that I was bound to have lots of tales from my time as a Head teacher. That sowed a seed and from that I posted series called ‘Tales from the Head’s Office’ (now on this site).

Gradually, it became clear that the Tales were taking on a life of their own and so here they have their own space! It is a space that will have some serious matters discussed but it will also have some fun. As a Headteacher I was a firm believer in FUN so it is important that we have some here!

I’m relying on you Dear Reader to help me shape the direction The Head’s Office goes in. Don’t be shy! Take the plunge and let me know your thoughts.

I have decided to embark on a bit of a challenge and have set up another blogging space for Project 365. This requires a photo a day for a year. You can find it here and please feel free to comment and give me some encouragement. A year is a long time!!

You can contact me via  email or  Twitter or Face Book

It is important for me to tell you that the words here are mine. They come from me and are my opinions. They may well not be the same as yours (that would be boring if it happened all the time!) and you are free to share yours. It is a space though where people are to be respected, valued and treasured!


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