58 schools make huge investment to become eco-friendly

Becoming eco-friendly

  Two of the North East’s largest Catholic education trusts have come together and developed a major energy efficiency programme to improve the green credentials of their schools and make them more eco-friendly. A key part of the programme has involved a £1.85 million joint trust investment for a LED lighting replacement programme, removing over 1,100 tonnes of carbon every […]

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Could your CPR save the life of someone having a heart attack?

CPR information from the British Heart Foundation Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, there are several important changes to CPR advised by the Resuscitation Council UK. If you find someone unconscious follow these simple steps: Step 1: Shake and shout If you come across someone who is unconscious, always check for danger and look for risks before you start helping. […]

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Resources for staff well-being.

Staff well-being

    Another great set of resources from Dr Pooky Knightsmith for schools. Today she is concentrating on staff well-being. With staff wellbeing topping the concerns that leaders have talked to me about this week, here are some courses and resources to help you with this very important topic… I hope they’re helpful…if they are, please share them. Upcoming webinar: School […]

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The One Page School Improvement Plan

Title: Primary School Heads: The One Page School Improvement Plan Led by: Headteacher Dan File Date: Thursday 20th May at 3:45pm Aimed at: Primary school heads, deputies and governors How to book: Register here to attend Chance to learn from head teacher Dan File about how he took his school improvement plan from forty pages to one and how that one page now drives […]

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Sunday Smiles!

Dr. Pooky Knighsmith

Here is the latest ‘freebie email’ from Pooky Knightsmith! ############################## Hello!  Happy Sunday… This week’s free course is: Suicide: How to Support During Crisis Moments Next week’s free live webinars: Secondary School Heads: Leading on Behaviour in the Current Context DSL: Safeguarding Update Creative Education Online Training: What, Why, How? Free webinar playbacks: Leading Your Staff Towards a Better Life-Work […]

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Call for papers from CCT

Impact issue 11: Call for papers Ends on September 23, 2020 For the next issue of Impact, publishing in spring 2021, we are seeking papers focusing on recruitment, retention, professional learning and career progression in teaching, including school leadership. Topics can include, but are not limited to: Recruitment, initial teacher education and supporting early career teachers Equality and diversity in teaching and […]

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Distant Leadership

The #LockdownLeadership series hosted by Hannah Wilson is a collection of anonymous blogs about leadership during these uncertain times. This was my contribution See more at Ethical Leader For a ‘hands on, roll your sleeves up, get in there’ type of person, having to support schools from a distance has been challenging. As a chair of governors there should always […]

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