100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#3

There were some really striking pieces for Week#2 100WCGU with the picture prompt. We had the Beatles, naughty children, broken relationships among others. It is wonderful how the imagination of individuals just see the same picture but interpret it completely differently. Do go and read them if you haven’t already. Now, before giving you this week’s prompt can I explain […]

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100 WC for Grown Ups – Week#2

This is a weekly challenge for all those writers who want to extend their audience to get feedback on their work. Thank you all for your amazing entries last week! We had some truly creative pieces.I was delighted that you took up the challenge. It was really interesting following conversations on Twitter from the teachers who regularly enter their class on the children’s version. Suddenly, they […]

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups!

Welcome to the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups! Following the great success of the ‘100 Word Challenge’ which is a weekly creative challenge for children under 16 years, this is a chance for grownups to show their skills. It is an opportunity to concentrate your writing into a tight word count but still make it creative. Each week a […]

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