Please Explain – VLEs!

You know when things are going along swimmingly and then suddenly you are brought up sharp? Well that happened to me last week. The work that I am doing with schools has led me to make assumptions about blogging in general terms. I assume that lots of schools have heard of and are actively engaged in establishing class blogs. Certainly […]

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100 Word Challenge – Week #5

STOP! Before you go any further please pop over to last week’s entries. We had some late arrivals and they deserve some comments. Choose two from a different part of the list! WEEK#4 There were nearly 130 entries last week and we have to welcome some new schools!  That is truly wonderful. (I will get to comment on every one but I […]

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100 Word Challenge – Week#4

***EXCITING NEWS!*** The 100 Word Challenge is to have it’s own blog!! More later! *************************************** Well done everyone who entered the challenge last week. We had some amazing stories written about the statue – some non-fiction pieces and others spying and treachery! The statue can been seen on the waterfront in Liverpool. Once again, here are a few piece to […]

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