Can ‘Schools COP’ provide realistic but amazing solutions to net zero?

Schools COP

Revolutionary engineering ideas – Schools COP – proposed by secondary school students will be debated in classrooms across the UK as part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (8 to 12 November 2021). Proposals include ways that engineers can help efforts to improve biodiversity on land and at sea and the development of self-sufficient agri-biomes for farm animals to capture methane so […]

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5 Top tips to tackle maths anxiety in the classroom

  Maths anxiety affects adults and children across the UK. It can be particularly problematic in primary learning where attitudes to maths are just being formed. Recent research has found that ten percent of children suffer from “overwhelming negative emotions” towards maths which impacts their confidence in class and at home. Oxford University Press is committed to finding ways to make everyone […]

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Testing the waters

Criticism is not something that we humans like but this helps post from Ann Friedman helps sort out the relevance.   In my ongoing quest for the perfect framework for understanding haters, I created The Disapproval Matrix**. (With a deep bow to its inspiration.) This is one way to separate haterade from productive feedback. Here’s how the quadrants break down: […]

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Motivating students

How do you make sure your students are engaged for every lesson and not just special ones? The folks over at Creative Education have some suggestions: Motivating students for one lesson is a challenge – keeping them continually motivated is an even bigger one, but if we invest the time, effort and energy into developing lessons that sustain student motivation week after […]

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Benefits of Class Blogging

This post comes from a new class blog in Australia – Tipperary Station. It is great to see such enthusiasm and energy. If you are thinking about blogging, this may help make up your mind! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blogging is a wonderful tool to connect, collaborate and reflect on our learning. Some benefits to educational blogging include: Expectations have been transformed. Students […]

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Challenge & Support – message for HTs / Governors

Reblogged from Governing Matters  Challenge and support matters; a Head’s view. With thanks to Ros McMullen Posted on December 29, 2013by governingmatters Today I read a brilliant blog post by Ros McMullen. She is the Principal of David Young Community Academy (DYCA) in Leeds and the CEO of LEAF Academy Trust. In her post Ros talks about why staff at DYCA remain so very positive […]

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