Devices in class – good or bad?

As a school governor. I’m well aware of the debate around allowing pupils to use their devices in class although I have never been part of the decision. Recently, that discussion has come back into the public domain. Ban devices in class In this article by ‘For the sake of our children we must get rid of mobile phones in the classroom’ Yasmin […]

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Digital Leaders

A number of schools have established Digital Leader(DL) teams. These are groups of pupils, often interviewed in a formal way who lead the school in it’s IT journey. For some, they check the hardware and help nervous teachers with their lessons. At the other end of the scale you have pupils coding, designing games and apps. Digital Leaders are the […]

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Edublog Awards 2012

This is something a little different for me and I almost missed it but here are some nominations for this year’s awards. Short and sweet but the BEST!: Best Class Blog: 6D High Lawn, Bolton – great supporters of the Word Challenges and fabulous bloggers Best Mobile App: @nightzookeeper’s Drawing torch app Fantastic support for children’s creativity Best Group Blog: Digital Leader […]

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