A plea from Send My Friend to School

Send my friend to school campaign

Send My Friend to School hopes to be able to build on the recent enthusiasm of young people to get them mobilised to send clear messages about THEIR education. The promise World leaders have promised every child in the world a quality education. But a key piece of the puzzle is missing – the money to pay for this education […]

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What makes a good leader?

what makes a good leader?

There is a huge industry that has been built up around leadership but actually, what makes a good leader? It would seem that the business or enterprise really doesn’t matter because there are traits in the styles of leadership that can be found in all walks of life. However, I think they have over complicated things. Having the role of […]

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What was on your holiday to do list?

what was on your holiday to do list?

  As a teacher, then headteacher, holidays were always a time for me to catch up but what was on your holiday list this summer? I asked a group of senior leaders what was on theirs and was surprised at what the list contained.   The  SENCo (Inco) Award If you are not familiar with Inco it stands for inclusion co-ordinator […]

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Short Inspections

Short inspections

Since September 2015, Ofsted have been carrying out a new form of inspections ‘Short Inspections’. As it says on the tin, they are are short and focused. Who gets one? All good maintained schools and academies. It is generally the case that most good schools and providers stay good from inspection to inspection. A short inspection provides confirmation to parents, […]

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Guide to Headteacher Performance Management

Perfromance management

Performance management is not a one off event that once done allows you to tick a box. It is a key driver to school improvement and presented as a transparent shared experience, it can provide an opportunity for all staff to feel valued. This  post deals with the process for the Head Teacher. Appraisal is cyclical Appraising performance is a cycle of actions: […]

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