Keeping mental health healthy

Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Here is another resourceful message from Dr Pooky Knightsmith who is always looking for ways that we can keep our mental health healthy so that we can support staff and family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello all! I hope this email finds you well and looking forward to a restful Christmas.  Remember, you need to look after yourself first, before you look after […]

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Motivating students

How do you make sure your students are engaged for every lesson and not just special ones? The folks over at Creative Education have some suggestions: Motivating students for one lesson is a challenge – keeping them continually motivated is an even bigger one, but if we invest the time, effort and energy into developing lessons that sustain student motivation week after […]

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Using Distancing Techniques in PSHE

This post from Lynne Deacon & shared by Creative Education is really helpful in minimising those tricky moments that arise in PSHE sessions with students Teaching some of the topics in the PSHE curriculum can be tricky, even awkward and, not to put too fine a point on it, just plain embarrassing. Some experienced teachers can handle it all without […]

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Water Explorer – a chance to make a difference!

Global Action Plan (GAP) the UK’s leading environmental behaviour change charity have launched an exciting new education project aimed at engaging school students to tackle water issues. The Water Explorer Project seeks to engage over 10,000 young people from across 11 different countries in a range of different projects. The programme is open to those aged between 8-14 in the UK, […]

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