How to cope with starting secondary school

Cerys Griffiths, Creative Director of BBC Education talks about why BBC Bitesize is supporting secondary transition and the new resources for teachers In September around 752,500 children will move up to secondary school across the UK. The transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time for many young people, but it can also be a daunting prospect. Research […]

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Celebrating Christmas in School

Celebrating Christmas in school

Celebrating Christmas in School can be a minefield! Here are a great deal of questions for schools to consider.   Christmas plays How much time is given to rehearsing for that annual celebration of the Christmas play? Some schools are moving away from the traditional nativity whilst others are too large to get the whole school in the hall so are arranging […]

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Just how welcoming is your school?

How welcoming is your school?

Many mission statements and visions contain something about an ‘Open Door’ approach but just how welcoming is your school?   Signage Often the first message about a school is seen a few miles away as people approach it either by car or foot. Can it be seen from whichever mode of transport people are using? Is it clear to someone […]

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Back to school – trauma for parents

Back to School

As educators, we often think of ‘Back to School’ in terms of how it affects us. Yes there will be an extra consideration for those children going to school for the first time but have you ever thought about the trauma that many households go through every September until the children have left college? In the hilarious post ‘The 9 Traumatic Steps‘, […]

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