School’s Out Forever: Is It Time to Call It a Day on School Uniform?

School uniform

School uniform is a staple of the British education system. A variety of brazen blazer colours, tartan skirts, shirts, and striped ties certainly live up to the organisational structure of schools that are represented in movies such as Harry Potter and St Trinian’s. There’s no formal history of the school uniform; however, it is believed to have originated in 1552 […]

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58 schools make huge investment to become eco-friendly

Becoming eco-friendly

  Two of the North East’s largest Catholic education trusts have come together and developed a major energy efficiency programme to improve the green credentials of their schools and make them more eco-friendly. A key part of the programme has involved a £1.85 million joint trust investment for a LED lighting replacement programme, removing over 1,100 tonnes of carbon every […]

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How to cope with starting secondary school

Cerys Griffiths, Creative Director of BBC Education talks about why BBC Bitesize is supporting secondary transition and the new resources for teachers In September around 752,500 children will move up to secondary school across the UK. The transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time for many young people, but it can also be a daunting prospect. Research […]

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Brilliant resource – The Eat Happy Project!

The other day when I was doing my shopping in Tesco, I came across a group of primary children being encouraged to taste herbs. They were then moved along to bananas and later I could hear the assistant talking about potatoes! I was intrigued and noticed ‘Farm to Fork Trail’ on the back of one of the high-vis tops the […]

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We have to use what we've got

So the DfE wants governing bodies to be run in a business like manner. I see nothing wrong in that providing they are successful businesses that have the best interest of their clients and workforce at their heart. Of course, most board members will either be head hunted or paid enormous salaries to bring their expertise to the table. Now, […]

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